May 16, 2022

Kairomancy and Dreaming with Krista Stanley, PhD.

On today's episode of The Ambitchioujs Podcast, we will be learning all about dreaming and interpreting signs. I have been working with Krista for some time now. She is absolutely incredible and also is a teacher in The Ambitchious Academy. She has helped me learn how to interpret my dreams and signs so that we can work symbiotically in raising the frequency of the collective.


Krista Stanley, Ph.D. is a mystic, a teacher, an essayist, and a gardener. She recently completed a forty-year career in corporate business management to dedicate herself to her spiritual endeavors. Krista earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Wisdom Studies from Ubiquity University, Wisdom School of Graduate Studies with a concentration in consciousness studies and trans-rational thinking. She has received practical and teaching certification in Progressive Mediumship and Robert Moss’ Active Dreamwork technique. She is an NGH-certified Consulting Hypnotist specializing in past life reviews. She is deeply committed to the sacred feminine as demonstrated in the lore of the Black Madonna, studying and traveling extensively in pursuit of that profound wisdom. Krista is passionate about all things anomalous – spirit communication, “reading the field”, working with spirit guides, participating with the invisible realms, and integrating the wisdom and grace of an ensouled cosmos into our daily lives. She is a contributing author in Quantum Psyche II: Quantum Psychoanalysis, edited by G. Galli Carminati, F. Carminati, and F. Martin (2020).


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