April 18, 2022

The Strangest Secret

On today’s episode of the Ambitchious Podcast, Katie will be talking all about one of her most precious mentors, Earl Nightingale and, his motivational recording, The Strangest Secret. 

This has been for the last two decades, Katie’s top-five mindset motivational educations and her intention in bringing this information to you is for you to figure out what this secret is all about and to utilize its teaching to up-level your life in every way shape and form.  If you really work on the implementation of these simple ideas you all experience success, abundance, wealth, joy and, freedom. 

The Strangest Secret: 


Epicure and free 28 Day Meal Plan: 

https://katieboyd.epicure.com/en-us/ then go to:


50 Universal Laws That Affect Reality:


This podcast is all about redefining the word “bitch” from a derogatory one to the acronym Being In Total Control of Herself. Katie Boyd will teach you how to use the very stones thrown at you to power your purpose and build your empire. You and only you can create and curate a life of happiness, abundance and magic. Join Katie for some truth bombs, life tools, laughs and spiritual smack talk.

If you want personal empowerment with respect to your lifestyle, spirituality, health, fitness, and nutrition this is the podcast for you!

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